GD Advanct

GD Advanct is a multiplatform system including APP Application to organize the digital files of your company are internal or external clients. It aims to facilitate the search for files and is a sustainable solution.

File and Document Management.

Main advantages:

Agility in the search of documents;

Security Protocol and SSL Encryption;

Audit by document or client / user;

There is no need for T.I infrastructure in the company;

Cloud environment with daily backup;

File sharing through the main App's that represents 96% of the market: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram;

Consultation 24 hours in the main means of access: Smartphones, Tablet's, Notebook's;

Inactivate file by period to be configured;

Segments Served:

Publicity agencies;

Event promoters;

Accounting offices;

Law Offices;


Service providers;



Financial Departments;